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Is the person in the mirror the real you ?

Updated: Feb 27

Ok so we all have a mirror or most that I know anyhow , and I,m guessing we all look in them ,yes?.

How we see ourselves however is a whole different ballgame, yes you see where am going, but trust me ,this is one of the most important topics to ever talk about and discuss.

Where do I start here as I don’t want to lose you ,but how do you feel about what you see in there . Firstly let’s agree on one thing to start with , the person in the mirror does not always look the same .

Like sometimes we are going out so we are what we call “ dressed up “ and other times we are first thing in the morning , so tired and even worn out after a big night or big week, sometimes with clothes on ,or sometimes naked perhaps.

Can I mention here ,if anyone reading this is thinking OMG I never look at myself naked ,well again that’s a whole other topic.

May I say it is so ok to see ourselves naked , and regularly if you ask me .

You would not suddenly hate a friend or family member or think of them differently if you  walked in on them naked , would you .

You would not say ,OMG they look terrible and I can not bear to see them again, but we do tend to say this to ourselves .

We judge the person in the mirror so much and of course you guessed it again, we are in turn judging ourselves and the ole sub conscious is always listening .

Even if you look and think it in your mind , it still hears you and the worst part is , believes you , going through the day thinking over and over , I look terrible and I’m ugly etc etc etc , can you see the ripple effect here .

Oh Denise get to the point I hear you all say ,yes yes my very important point is .

Lots of times when we look in the mirror , we will look different or however you want to label that , good ,bad , ugly [ not a word I’m fond off but you can use it here if you wish ] .

The same goes for a photo, example “oh that’s a terrible pic of me take it down “, or “why do I always look shit in photos “.

Well my friend there is good photos and bad ones of everyone  ,just like the mirror, good days and bad days , good angles and bad angles , often depends on your mood, again a whole other topic ha ha .

Firstly why do we always seem to focus on the bad pic or mirror day.

Secondly why do we brush off when others say to us ,that was a great pic or pose etc of you .

We decide very easily and quickly that the bad ones are how we look all the time and how we see ourselves in the world.

Try this instead , we look how we decide we look , no-one else and so the answer to my question , is the person in the mirror the real you , is easy .

Its all mindset and choice, why would you pick the bad day or bad photo when you can be the best version of you as you walk out into the world, and believe me, if you are feeling like the best version , that’s what shines through.

I will finish with , I know some people reading this beleive this already and practice it .

Unfortunately there are too many reading this and not believing it .Thinking , but I always look bad and never take a good photo.

Please stop that now and do the work or get the support and talk to someone ,to receive  the tools to change this.

You have one life and the sooner you become a best friend and proud of that person in the mirror ,life will be much tougher and less fun that you deserve, believe me, mic drop from me ,

Thank you for reading .

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