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Making BIG Decisions Keeps Us Alive

Updated: Feb 27

Well it’s no secret that I believe your two things in life, "green and growing" or "ripe and rotten"!

We need to keep making that simple decision to be green and growing. So let’s always keep that as decision number one .

So many of us fall into the habit of not making new decisions in life, (ripe and rotten) and forget that life is a journey and like all journeys it has an end and that time will come.

So staying put or not making decisions every now and then, we get settled or dare I say, a little too comfortable.

Maybe in the thinking that we’re all fine and dandy, and that there is always going to be the time to decide what to do, usually something you’ve always dreamed or hoped for. Also I think that, we believe these things are all going to happen by themselves without making any decisions.

Well lovely people, let me tell you, think again.

So I’ve been pondering about going back to Ireland and spending time with family.

I think COVID has made us speed up making some decisions that otherwise we would have put of for longer. You know those decisions that never leave the confines of our head, and will never see the light of day.

Well if you haven’t made any big decisions lately I’m here to remind you that you’re missing out on all the excitement, the nervous energy and everything that goes along with making a big decision, the good stuff.

I know exactly what that feeling is like because I have made the big decision, after 29 years of living in Australia, a wonderful 29 years , my journey here has come to a end and it’s time to go home. Nothing lasts forever and we are fooling ourselves if we believe otherwise .

There will always be a little bit of Ozzy in me. I reminded myself that time waits for no man and I have a lot of exciting things I want to do that side of the world, not just in Ireland but to explore beautiful Europe also.

I won’t lie , I also very much look forward to enjoying a couple of cold creamy pints of Guinness like only the Irish can do. In a cosy little pub where you have to bend down to get in the door and hopefully there is a fiddle player sitting in the corner by a open fire and someone singing some beautiful Irish songs, and of course some famous Irish craic, which is the Irish for fun and dance and laughter.

So as with all big decisions I actually now feel very alive and excited and scared but a 'good' scared, yes there is a good scared , it’s every time you leave the ole comfort zone. That’s what happens when you get off your arse and make a big decision, because we think about it far too much, once we make it the excitement kicks in. So what I’m asking the you, yes you today is, what decision could or should you be making before it’s too late?

Well that’s my topic for today and as always I have a beautiful quote that I came across that is very fitting and it goes like this;

"When you have to make a big decision, flip a coin, why, because when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you’re hoping for."

That’s my Mic drop for today.

You can listen to the recording to this Blog om the As Featured On section on this website.

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