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To Hard vs To Easy

Updated: Feb 27

All too often I hear people say ,oh its all too hard or ,that was put in the too hard basket, and I was guilty of saying it a lot myself ,far too often.

I have stopped and if I get tempted to say it or do say it ,I say oh no let’s find a better way to word that .

Why you might ask , well firstly the language we use has power as do the words, so whether we say it out loud or in our head , our mind is listening and believes what we say to be true.

So if you are finding yourself saying ,ah it’s all too hard ,stop and say no no, it will get easier or ,well how can I make this easy or what needs to be done here to make this less hard.

Its works thrust me ,like we say the walls have ears ,well our mind is always listening ,as it believes us above everyone else and trusts if we say ,it’s too hard and decides ,well then it must be and won’t try to make it easy.

The next part of this topic is vs too easy ,so this might sound a bit contradictory but stay with me.

A true story always helps me explain better my topics or points.

A few months ago I had the soul reaching decision to make to put my beautiful pal, mate and friend , Dexter my dog to sleep and I thought back to all the times I was going somewhere and wanting to do something and I would say ,of its all too hard to do this with Dexter or I can only stay away so long as I have to get back to Dexter or even no I can t bring him so I can’t stay over etc etc etc ,its all too hard .

No that he is gone all these things are easy to do , go and come as I please ,no one to worry about feeding or cooking for , no-one to rush home too, no mess to clean up , and all the jobs that come with sharing your home with someone you love.

Well yes yes you get where I’m going with this ,now its too easy and I wish I have too hard back so so much.

So you see ,often when its too easy we tend to not even bother, as the reward is not the same without a bit of too hard or work or effort ,so its just a good thing to remember when we catch ourselves saying time and time again, oh I wish it was easier, nothing ,and I mean nothing  good comes easy and that’s what makes it so good when we get it or get there , so please the message to remember is, words have so much power so start using the right ones to get you going in the right direction in life ,and its a mic drop form me , thank you .

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